How do I cook broccoli in my Pampered Chef Micro cooker

Do you love broccoli but don’t have a lot of time to cook it? If so, then you need to try cooking it in your Pampered Chef Micro cooker!

This is a great way to make sure your broccoli is cooked perfectly every time.

we will walk you through the steps of cooking broccoli in your Micro cooker.

How do I cook broccoli in my Pampered Chef Micro cooker

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to cook broccoli, the Pampered Chef Micro cooker is a great option. Here’s how to do it:

First, cut the broccoli into small florets. Then, add water to the micro cooker base until it reaches the fill line. Next, place the broccoli in the steamer basket and lower it into the water. Finally, cover the micro cooker and microwave on high for three minutes.

That’s all there is to it! In just three minutes, you’ll have perfectly cooked broccoli that’s ready to eat.

How long do you steam broccoli in Pampered Chef microwave steamer?

What is the time to prepare broccoli with the Pampered Chef Micro cooker? In the microwave for five minutes. then stir to prevent the broccoli from sticking and cook for another 5 minutes. When it’s done you can add cheese, butter or your preferred sauce.

Pampered Chef microwave steamers are a quick and easy way to cook broccoli. In just minutes, you can have perfectly cooked broccoli that is ready to eat. There are many different ways to cook broccoli, but steaming it in the microwave is one of the quickest and easiest methods.

When cooking broccoli in the microwave, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the broccoli is cut into small pieces so that it will cook evenly.

Second, be sure to add enough water to the bottom of the steamer so that the broccoli does not dry out during cooking. Finally, do not overcook the broccoli or it will become mushy.

How long should you cook broccoli in the microwave?

Place the chopped broccoli into a bowl that is microwave safe, and sprinkle three cups of the water on the top. Cover the bowl with a plate and cook on high for 2 1/2 to 4 minutes until broccoli is cooked. Be cautious when you take this broccoli dish from microwave. The steam is hot!

You can also cook broccoli in the microwave by adding a little bit of water to the bottom of the dish, covering it with plastic wrap, and cooking on high for two to three minutes. Take care when you remove the plastic wrap because hot steam will be released.

Now that you know how to cook broccoli in the microwave, give it a try! Broccoli is a healthy vegetable that is full of vitamins and minerals. It’s a great way to add more vegetables to your diet. And, cooking broccoli in the microwave is quick and easy. Give it a try today!

Can you cook pasta in the Pampered Chef Micro cooker?

This pot also serves as the ideal microwave cooker for pasta. Here’s how you put the amount you want of pasta that is dry into the pot. Pour in sufficient cold water so as to fill the pasta. The cooking process is simple to add 3 minutes to the cooking instructions on the box of pasta.

If you want to cook more than one serving, it is best to make it in two batches. This will help the pasta cook evenly and prevent it from sticking together. When cooking multiple servings, add an extra minute to the cooking time for each batch.

The Pampered Chef Micro cooker is a great kitchen tool to have if you are looking for an easy way to cook pasta. It is also perfect for those who live in small spaces or apartments where there is no stovetop access.

With this pot, you can easily make a delicious and healthy meal in minutes. Give it a try the next time you need a quick and easy meal solution!

How long do you have to steam broccoli?

Place the broccoli florets in the steamer basket and then place the basket in a pot that has been filled with one inch of water. Let the boiling water come to an end, then reduce the temperature to a simmer and then cover the pot. Then, let the steam simmer for five minutes, up to the point that broccoli appears tender and vibrant green.

To test, poke a floret with a fork. If the fork meets little resistance, then the broccoli is done. Drain any remaining water from the pot and serve.

Do not overcook your broccoli as it will turn into a mushy green mess. When in doubt, it is better to err on the side of undercooking rather than overcooking. You can always add more time if needed but you cannot undo an overcooked vegetable.

If you want to get fancy, you can add garlic or ginger to the steaming water for an extra boost of flavor. You can also drizzle olive oil or lemon juice on top of your cooked broccoli for some added zing.

What can you cook in a microwave steamer?

If you have a bit of imagination, you could use microwaves to cook fish and meat making pork, chicken, beef, sea cod, brill, and bass dishes that can be spiced up in various ways. Add a smoky note or add flavor to your dish by adding a few herbs or spices to the water used for cooking.

You can also use a microwave steamer to cook vegetables. Steamed broccoli, carrots, asparagus, and green beans are just some of the possibilities. You can even make deserts in your microwave steamer by cooking fruit such as apples, pears, or peaches.

So there you have it – with a bit of creativity, you can use a microwave steamer to cook up some delicious and healthy meals. Give it a try!​

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can cook in a microwave steamer. With a bit of creativity and imagination, you can make all sorts of dishes – from meats and fish to vegetables and fruits.

Can you microwave broccoli without water?

Yes it is possible to microwave broccoli with no water since it is naturally made up of 90 percent water. To microwave broccoli with no water, you’ll need get an enormous bowl that is safe to microwave, put in bite-sized pieces of broccoli, then surround the bowl using a microwave-safe plate.

Cook on high for approximately two minutes, stirring occasionally, and then check to see if it is done. If not, cook in 20-second intervals until it is done to your preference. When finished, be sure to let the dish sit for a minute or two before serving as the broccoli will be extremely hot.

It’s important to remember that microwaving broccoli without water will result in significantly less nutrients being retained by the vegetable. So if you’re looking to get the most out of your broccoli, it’s best to stick with steaming or boiling. However, if you’re in a pinch and need to nuke some broccoli quick, know that it can be done without any water required.

Can you cook rice in Pampered Chef pasta cooker?

The directions for the rice cooker from Pampered Chef are easy to follow: Pour the rice and water into the cooker, then place the boil-over guard over the pot, and then put on the lid on top and secure it in place. White rice is microwaved for between 12 and 15 mins at high. It will then to brown for five minutes on high , and then 20 minutes at 50% power.

If you are looking for an alternative to cooking rice in a pot on the stove, then the Pampered Chef rice cooker is a great option. It is quick and easy to use, and produces perfectly cooked rice every time.

Plus, it is much more hands-off than traditional methods, so you can spend your time doing other things while the rice cooks. Give it a try next time you need to make rice! You won’t be disappointed.

Pampered Chef also has a variety of other products that can make your life in the kitchen easier, such as cookware, bakeware, and kitchen tools. Be sure to check out their website or catalog to see all of the great products they have to offer!

Are Pampered Chef Micro cooker BPA free?

Since , all Pampered chef products that come in close contact with food items are free of BPA and comply with or exceed the applicable and current laws from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

For more information about our product safety and compliance, please visit

Pampered Chef is committed to providing products that are safe for you and your family. We hope this article was helpful in answering your question.

Pampered Chef takes pride in their product safety and only use BPA free materials in their products–so you can cook without worry! Visit Pampered Chef’s website for more information on their commitment to safety and compliance with FDA regulations.

Does microwaving broccoli destroy nutrients?

A study that was released within The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture in 2003 revealed that broccoli cooked by microwave and then immersed in wateris able to lose 74 % to about 97 percent of its antioxidants. The bottom line: Microwave ovens typically do not harm the nutrients found in food.

So, does that mean that you should start microwaving all of your meals? Not necessarily. While microwaving may not reduce the nutrient value of foods, it can affect their texture and taste.

When it comes to broccoli, for example, many people prefer its crunchy texture and vibrant green color. Microwaving can cause both of these characteristics to change.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy cooking method that doesn’t require any pots or pans, however, the microwave is a good option.


In this article, we’ve shown you how to cook broccoli in your Pampered Chef Micro cooker. We hope you found this information helpful and that you will enjoy cooking broccoli in your new appliance.

Pampered Chef Micro cookers are a great way to cook broccoli quickly and easily. With just a few simple steps, you can have delicious, healthy broccoli that’s ready in no time.

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