Are Rice Crispy Treats Kosher For Passover?

Are Rice Crispy Treats Kosher For Passover

If you’re looking for a tasty and kosher-friendly snack for Passover, look no further than rice crispy treats! These little bites of marshmallow-y goodness are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth, and they’re easy to make too.


Rice Crispy Treats are a popular dessert that can be made Kosher for Passover with a few simple ingredients. Marshmallows, butter, and Kosher for Passover cereal are all you need to make this classic treat.

What is Passover?

Passover is a holiday that commemorates the story of the Exodus, when the ancient Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt. The holiday lasts for eight days and during that time, Jews are prohibited from eating leavened bread. Instead, they eat matzo, a unleavened cracker-like bread.

Why is Rice Not Kosher for Passover?

The Talmud teaches that Jews are not supposed to eat leavened grain products during Passover. This includes wheat, barley, spelt, rye, and oats. Thus, anything made with flour is generally off-limits during Passover. This would include cakes, cookies, pasta, cereal, and bread.

Rice is not a grain but rather a seed. As such, it is not subject to the same rules as other grains. Rice Krispy Treats are thus technically kosher for Passover.

What are Rice Crispy Treats?

Rice Crispy Treats are a traditional American dessert made with rice cereal, marshmallows, and butter. The cereal is usually crunchy, and the marshmallows are sticky, making for a chewy and sweet treat. While Rice Crispy Treats are generally enjoyed throughout the year, they have become a popular Passover dessert in recent years.

Passover is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the Exodus from Egypt. During this time, Jews are prohibited from eating leavened bread. This includes many grains, such as wheat, barley, and oats. Rice is not a grain, and therefore it is allowed on Passover. Rice Crispy Treats are made with rice cereal, which makes them an ideal dessert for those who are celebrating the holiday.

While Rice Crispy Treats are Kosher for Passover, not all varieties are created equal. Some brands of marshmallows contain wheat or other grains that are not permitted on Passover. Be sure to check the ingredients list before you purchase your marshmallows to ensure that they are Kosher for Passover. There are also many recipes for Rice Crispy Treats that do not use marshmallows at all. These recipes typically use chocolate or fruit juices as a binding agent instead of marshmallows. If you want to be sure that your Rice Crispy Treats are Kosher for Passover, it is best to stick with a recipe that does not use any leavened ingredients.

Can You Make Rice Crispy Treats Kosher for Passover?

For those who want to enjoy the classic rice crispy treat taste without any leavened products, there are a few kosher for Passover recipes that use matzo instead of rice cereal. While these recipes do not exactly replicate the original, they are a delicious and satisfying way to get your fix during the holiday.

There are also a few companies that make pre-packaged, kosher for Passover rice crispy treats. These can be found in most major supermarkets and will usually be clearly labeled as such.


In conclusion, there is no simple answer to the question of whether or not Rice Crispy Treats are kosher for Passover. While Rice Krispies themselves are considered kosher for Passover, the addition of marshmallows and other ingredients may make the treat unsuitable for some people. The best way to determine if Rice Crispy Treats are right for your Passover celebrations is to check the ingredients list and consult with your rabbi or other religious leader.

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